Mark Maker T2E Power Embosser

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Mark Maker T2E Power Embosser

The T2E is super quiet and comes with a standard laser engraved plastic seal or a heavy duty CNC metal engraved seal. Both seals available from 1” to 2” in diameter

  • Quiet Operation - no noisy solenoid compressor
  • Standard Adjustable paper guides
  • Paper activated micro-switch
  • Adjustable pressure control
  • Electronic controller and counter
  • Contact us to create your design
Starting At $94.95

Mark Maker T2E Power Embosser

T2E-FP Foot Pedal Accessory
T2E-MD Power Embosser with metal seal
T2E-MD1 Replacement metal engraved seal
T2E-PD Power Embosser with plastic seal
T2E-PD1 Replacement plastic engraved seal